Roofing Accessories

Steep slope roofing systems often require more than decking and shingles. A good roofing system likely requires a number of accessories to remain watertight and energy efficient.

Ice & Water Guard

Roofing ice and water guard is a critical component to any new steep slope roof system especially in cold weather climates.

Many local building codes require ice and water guard and national building code states ice and water guard must start at the roofs eave edge and extend 2 feet inside heated wall space of the building.

Ice and water guard is a peel and stick product that adheres directly to the roof deck. It forms a water proof barrier where ice most often builds up on the eaves edge. It is also commonly applied in the valleys of the roof as well as around roof penetrations and along walls.

Ventilation Systems

Keeping your roof functional at its best through the warranty period and beyond is dependent on its proper maintenance. Heat and moisture collected in attics can be detrimental to the integrity of your steep slope roofing system.

That’s why one of the important accessories you may need for the maintenance of your roofing system is proper ventilation. Here are a couple of types available:

  • Passive roof vents: Placed at set intervals along the upper edge of the steep slope roofline, these accessories allow heat in the attic to rise naturally and escape.
  • Ridge vents: Installed at the highest point of a roof system, these accessories may be covered with the same material as your steep slope roof but serve a very different function. While the ridge vents let heat and moisture out, steep slope roofing systems try to keep heat and moisture out in the first place
  • Solar roof vents: Unlike passive roof vents, these steep slope roof accessories rely on a solar-operated fan to pull heat and moisture out of the attic space. Doing this helps reduce a home’s energy consumption at no additional cost to the homeowner during the summer months.

Roof Gutters and Downspouts

Roof gutters and downspouts can enhance the waterproofing properties of a steep slope roof by carrying away the water away from the foundation of your home. In doing so, they help to avoid foundation deterioration due to water damage.

Gutters come in various materials, sizes and shapes. The common materials are aluminum, galvanized metal, and copper.

Solar Photovoltaic Kits

In an increasingly energy-conscious world, these accessories, commonly referred to as “solar panels,” can be placed on a steep slope roof to capture sunlight that can be converted into electricity.

Skylights: These are windows placed directly into the steep slope roof to take advantage of daylight and turn attic space into usable space. These accessories come either as more traditional windows or as tubes that funnel natural light into the home without additional cost. Some skylights qualify for federal tax credits.

Snow Guards

Those living in northern climates susceptible to snow often install these accessories to prevent injury by holding snow in place and avert unexpected snow or ice slides.