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In early 1960 Peter P. Cairo Sr. became involved in the commercial roofing industry; he maintained a focus and dedication and moved from sales through general management roles. Inherently, he was not satisfied and desired to bring his own vision of customer service and knowledge to his own client base.
In 1980 Peter P. Cairo Sr. established Cairo & Sons Roofing Company Inc., as an industrial and commercial roofing contractor, providing all types of commercial low slope and steep slope roofing services. Peter Sr. focus was to provide clients with superior roofing services at a great value.
As Cairo & Sons Roofing Company Inc. established its services and clients, it was determined through market research that the name Cairo & Sons Roofing Company Inc. was being associated as a residential single family roofing contractor, a market not serviced by the firm. Shortly thereafter the Cairo & Sons Roofing Company Corporation added the D/B/A designation (doing business as)
CSR Roofing Contractors Inc.
CSR Roofing Contractors Inc. is a general roofing contractor, we primarily work directly with owners and owner representatives, and our work on many projects will include other critical needs required to replace or service the primary roof system. Items which include HVAC work, plumbing work, electrical work, masonry work and patio deck replacement. These subcontracted portions are provided by our team and incorporated into the project for a one source turnkey operation, for optimal organization and execution.
Our work includes all types of commercial low slope and steep slope roofing for low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise properties.
CSR Roofing Contractors Inc.
We see more than just a roof above. .. we see the people and property it serves to protect.
Peter P. Cairo Sr.
(1922 - 2003)
Mario M. Cairo
Peter P. Cairo Jr.
Joseph M. Cairo
Peter P. Cairo III