Architectural Laminates

Architectural laminates used in steep slope roofing applications are a high-end composite roofing product engineered for beauty, durability and handling.

Also known as composite or dimensional shingles, architectural laminates used in steep slope roofing applications are constructed of a fiberglass or organic cellulose mat coupled with more asphalt than usually found in other asphalt shingles. As a result, architectural laminates used on steep slope roofs weigh more than three-tab shingles, up to 480 pounds per 100 square feet of roof area.


Architectural laminates are a desirable steep slope roofing option because of the layering that lends them the textured appearance and charm of cedar shake or slate without the weight or roofing support requirements. The dramatic three-dimensional effect of architectural laminates also hides imperfections in the structure of the steep slope roof.

Some architectural laminate product lines offer hip and ridge pieces matching the shingles that can highlight roof planes in more upscale design features, such as gables and turrets.

Architectural laminates also come in a wide range of colors to accent the features of the steep slope roof or the structure in general, or to help the building blend into its natural surroundings.


Because their heavier construction make them less likely to warp, architectural shingles used in steep slope roofing applications can be rated up to 120 mph, making them one of the most durable roofing products on the market.

Some architectural laminates also come with copper or zinc coatings that enhance algae resistance, eliminating the black streaks sometimes found on steep slope roofs in climates with high humidity or rainfall.

Though cedar shake may be visually pleasing, it can attract unwanted insects that can alter their good looks and integrity. Architectural laminates can provide the impression of cedar shake while eliminating the attraction to insects.

Architectural laminates with a heavy granulated topcoat also tend to be fire resistant, earning them the highest fire rating of Class A.


Though the cost of applying architectural laminates to steep slope roof varies, they generally can cost about twice as much as three-tab shingles. However, with greater durability, architectural shingles come with a 40 year or lifetime limited warranties.